“Nothing is more fantastic than the everyday”
Louis Aragón

By only looking at the outside world we can see that we are surrounded by absurd, singular, poetic and everyday acts, which I transform into a conscious action that can distort reality or at least question it; things that for some people are banal or unnoticed.

Each project itself is a new idea that comes inspired by aspects and facts of life: a dream, an image, movies and reading, as something vital for the creative impulse. The words of the philosophers Sigmund Freud, Friedrich Nietzsche, Jean-Paul Sartre, etc. have also been a source of reflection in order to give expression to the concerns of the human spirit.

I am not interested in a specific pictorial style, although I do bet on the infinite possibilities of painting. By basing the work on a scenario of tensions with a universal and undecipherable character, it challenges interpretation capacities. The interesting thing is to foster the dialogue and ask questions, to make the observers question preconceived ideas of morality, genre, race, sexuality and to make them dialogue with a reality that is beyond them.

Art and Life are pure poetry. It is only necessary to find a sense to the most banal things, to the most mechanical gests and to the grayest thoughts.

Leticia Sánchez Toledo